We believe that a great experience improves community living

Our solution uses advanced technology so administrators, board members and residents can communicate well to improve the experience of community living and management.


Vinteum is specialized in providing innovative solutions for the community association industry, which includes HOAs, Co-ops, Condomiums, POAs, and alike. Our goal is to help improve the management of these communities with our product Neigbrs, a complete SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. Our solution simplifies the management of a community and makes property managers and board members’ jobs much easier.


Vinteum was created with the mission of offering a powerful yet user friendly solution to strengthen the bond between the board, residents and their managers. Bolstered by innovation and proactive customer service, our goal is to build the best experience possible. We create strong partnerships that make a difference and generate growth for our customers. If you are looking for a partner company that will help you improve the management of your community, you are in the right place!